Thanks for the memories!

The past few years have been so exciting for me, filled with incredible people, places, and of course, art. But, life moves on and I’m beginning a new chapter. As of 2019, I will no longer be planning and executing group art trips.

I’m not going away completely though! As I continue to travel and paint around the world, I will be publishing a series of DIY Art Trip Guides. Whether you are an instructor who wants to travel and teach with your students, or just a group of friends who travel and paint together, these Guides will give you all the information you need to create your own art holidays in beautiful places around the world.

Thanks to all the incredible instructors, students, and vendors who made our magical painting holidays possible! I hope and trust that our paths will cross again! I truly believe that art — like travel — is good for the soul. So…start packing.

Nan Dawkins, October 2018