Our instructors are award-winning artists and highly experienced travelers who lead workshops all over the world.  Our current Instructor roster includes... 

Stefan Baumann

Stefan Baumann is a well known artist and instructor who hosted the PBS painting series, "The Grand View: America's National Parks Through the Eyes of an Artist." Touring the vast American National Parks system, Baumann hiked deep into the United States’ famous and diverse National Parks with paints, canvases and a video camera to capture on film and share his passion for nature and art at its source. In each PBS episode, millions of people can witness the magic Stefan portrays on canvas as he applies the realist theories of earlier American masters of landscape painting in his environmentally inspired paintings.  Stefan has been teaching students his methods for over 30 years.  He specializes in both "newbies" and advanced artists, and offers coaching service to artists on the road to turning professional.  Learn more about Stefan or catch some of his great instructional videos!

Pat Fiorello

Pat Fiorello is an artist and instructor known for her vibrant and light-filled floral and landscape paintings. She has been teaching art for over 20 years and has taught over 15 international painting workshops in Italy, Spain, Provence and at Monet’s Garden in France. Pat is author of the book, “Bella Italia, Italy Through the Eyes of an Artist”.  Pat will be the instructor for our English Gardens trip in 2018.  Learn more about Pat

Susan Nicholas

Influenced by her artist father, Susan Nicholas Gephart developed a deep appreciation of the earth and its relationship to art when she was a young child. Her passion to explore the landscape is expressed through a unique use of color, texture,and atmosphere, capturing the emotion of a moment with spontaneity and directness. Her colorful, impressionistic plein air pastelsand oilsarein private and permanent collections across the country, including The Penn Stater Conference Center, Lock Haven University, and The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.  Susan is a demonstration for several companies, including Gamblin and Jack Richeson, and she now has her own hand-rolled line of pastels, the SNicholas Signature 80 Box Set by Richeson.  Susan will be teaching during our Brittany Skies & Seas workshop in 2018. Learn more about Susan. 

Stewart Burgess White

Stewart White.png

Stewart Burgess White is the only watercolor artist in history to have won Plein Air Easton's Grand Prize (2009).  Over the course of his career, he has collected many other prestigious awards, including the Grand Prize at Plein Air Salon, Best of Show in the Olmstead Invitational,  and Best of Show at the Wayne Plein Air Festival. His murals can be found in museums around the country, including The National Museum of American History and The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Trained as an illustrator, Stewart is a world traveler and loves to paint outdoors.  Although he is skilled in many mediums, his favorite is watercolor.  For Stewart, the challenges of painting en plein air with watercolor are intriguing:  "Being attentive to the flow of water, pigment, the absorption rate of paper the humidity in the air, the limits of the brush, the quality of edges, the illusions of space, the mixing of color, the list goes on." Stewart currently teaches at the Maryland Institute's College of Art and is the President of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association (MAPAPA). Learn more about Stewart.

Stacy Barter

In her 20 years as a full time professional painter, Stacy has won many top awards in some of the most important organizations and exhibitions, including the Oil Painter’s of America National Exhibition, Best in Show Winner of the most prestigious International Competition and 2 year US Museum Tour (this competition was promoted worldwide and attracted 1742 entries from 14 countries), and a 2 time winner of the American Artists Professional League-Grand National Exhibition in New York. Stacy is represented by numerous galleries and teaches workshops around the world. She is a Senior Faculty member with Crealde’ School of Art. Stacy’s paintings depict her intense fascination with light and atmosphere. “I am constantly striving to capture depth and dimension in my oil paintings. Working from life, whether it’s from flowers or a model is exhilarating and ever changing.”  Stacy will be the instructor for the second session of our Italy trips in 2017 and the Savannah trip in spring of 2018. Learn more about Stacy.

Linda Richichi

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 2000px x 750px – Untitled Design.png

Award Winning Artist Linda Richichi has earned many Best of Show Awards including one at the International Plein Air Painters (I.P.A.P.) Worldwide Paint Out at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in 2006. The award winning painting now hangs in the Ontario, Canada City Hall.  In 2012 Richichi was voted the National Best Intuitive Artist from About.com (then a NY Times company).

As an Intuitive Artist, Linda connects to the sixth sense and the third eye. Through Art, she visually ties together the messages that our Intuition, our “Angels” and Spiritual Guides are communicating with us. With expressive doodling, travel journals and the connection of self through meditation she helps her students actualize their own inner voice, strength and helps you define a path to clearer vision in life and in art.

Scientists, psychologists, therapists and career coaches around the world agree that in today’s over informed world that tapping into the creative imagination is paramount in order to achieve our soul’s desire and soul urge to achieve balance and happiness in our lives.  Linda is excited to be teaching you this method during our Sacred Places trip in June of 2018.  Learn more about Linda.

Inez Hudson

Inez Hudson is known for her detailed, realistic paintings as well as her ability to paint any subject. An accomplished Plein Air painter, Inez is a juried member of Oil Painters of America, American Women Artisits, and the International Guild of Realism. She loves painting outdoors and is an experienced teacher with over 37 years experience! Inez believes that painting on location/En Plein Air is a useful learning technique, as it teaches one to truly look at the scene around them, i.e. subject, light, color, atmosphere. It teaches the painter to eliminate and balance items within the composition, as well as helping one to become a faster painter.” Inez is a regular participant in live “wet canvas” events and has received numerous awards for her realistic paintings of landscapes, still lifes and portraits, which can be found in private collections worldwide.  Inez will be the instructor for the first session in Italy, 2017.  Learn more about Inez.

Jan van Boeckel

Jan van Boeckel's specialization is arts based environmental education, bringing together art and learning about the natural environment.  Jan teaches his signature "wild painting" courses in an effort to help students "free the mind" and loosen up, painting nature in a surprising, different, colorful way.  As Paul Cézanne would say "The landscape is expressing itself through me; I am its consciousness."  Jan is a Professor in Art Pedagogy at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn.  He is also part of a group of researchers in Finland working on nature art education.  Jan is Dutch and lives part of the year in Amsterdam. He teaches his wild painting courses all over the world. Jan will be the instructor for our Van Gogh trip in June of 2016.  Learn more about Jan.

Joe Gyurcsak

Joe Gyurcsak is the resident artist at Blick/Utrecht and a Bold Brush Signature Artist.  He is also the recent Grand Prize winner of Plein Air Easton!  Joe travels extensively conducting lectures, painting demonstrations and workshops at major art institutions throughout the United States and is the winner of many prestigious awards, including his recent 1st place win at Heart of the River/Plein Air Gloucester.  Joe is a regular feature at some of the top Plein Air competitions in the country, including Plein Air Easton and is featured in the book 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid Atlantic.  Learn more about Joe and his work.