Cerulean Blue Trips organizes art workshops and retreats in many places around the world. Travel with us to paint English gardens along the Cornish coastline, lavender fields in Provence, seascapes and Italian villas along the Amalfi coast, wildlife and wildflowers in South Africa...and more!  

Our trips are carefully curated. All painting sites on the itinerary are pre-selected and double checked prior to the workshop to ensure that the landscape is at its peak of natural beauty and the site is in top form.  Groups are small, with 8 to 10 students and top instructors.  Accommodations are quaint, charming, usually locally owned, and strategically located for quick access to all painting sites. For instructed workshops, easels and supplies are in place when participants arrive (paint and canvas packages are also available for those who like to travel light!).  See more details in the FAQs or browse upcoming trips.

What's it like to be an instructor for us?  

We handle the details.  The only job of an instructor is to show up and teach. We offer excellent compensation, marketing support to ensure that trips fill, and plenty of leisure after the teaching session is finished.  Interested? Instructors: Learn more about designing a trip for your students!